2009 was an amazing year for me as I was able to explore my long held dream of photography. Before I was quite ready to handle it I had more clients than I could count! How wonderful to finally explore my dream.
I counted and realized I shot over 14 weddings and too many sessions to count. I have grown as a photographer and person and am grateful for the experience.
As amazing as the experience has been it has been effecting the amount of time I have to spend with my family, especially my son. I can either have photography or I can have a life.
So with a happy heart I have closed Elmwood Court Photography and am spending time with my family.
Thank you to all my clients for an amazing year and for letting me be a part of your special moments.
Although I may still be posting sessions they are only for my family and friends and I thank you for your interest but I am no longer accepting clients with no exceptions.
Thank you again,

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby Lukas

After a long and worrisome delay baby Lukas finally made his appearance on January 14. Sweet,good natured, and wide awake I wasn't sure we were going to get Lukas to sleep but he finally nodded off and we were able to capture a few shots before he woke up again.

Welcome to the world Lukas. You were well worth the wait!

Lukas 031

Lukas 032

Lukas 061

Lukas 070

Free wedding | commitment | Vow exchange photography

I am looking to build my wedding portfolio and am offering 100% free wedding photography for events in February and March of 2009.

Open to Weddings, Vow exchange, and commitment ceremonies in the IE and OC counties.

I will shoot your event 100% free of charge and provide you with all high resolution files on disk for you to print in exchange for a model release that allows me to use the images for my portfolio/website/blog.

I am perfectly willing to shoot as 2nd photographer but you MUST check your contract and confirm you do not have an exclusivity clause with your main photographer.

Events with 40 to 400, court house to grand ballroom, I am open to all kinds of events. Sorry, but I am only doing portfolio work for events in the months of February and March 2009, and only for wedding/commitment/vow exchange.

I only going to do 4 portfolio events total so contact me if interested.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good things.

Don't you just love it when good things happen to good people?

After a long wait Tiffany and Davic will become parents to twin girls this March and I couldn't be happier for them. I had so much fun on the shoot. I had a hard time keeping my camera still from laughing so much.

Congratulations Tiff and David I can't wait to meet your beautiful girls.

and just because I love it so much.....the Zoolander face!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Boudior beauties

Boudoir marathon day 2

I wonder if I will ever stop being surprised by how much fun I have on one of these shoots.

I started shooting at 8 am and finished at 5. By the time I was done even my camera was tired but I loved every second of it!

The best part is how every woman came in nervous and unsure and walked out talking about how much fun it was and with an extra little strut in their step.

and without further ado......the ladies.



B pics 1-18-09 223bw
B pics 1-18-09 300


B pics 1-18-09 374





Amber ....

B pics 1-18-09 1069



He's never going to be satisfied with a box of chocolates again....

Boudior beauties

Boudoir shoot day 1

With these two dark hair beauties I just couldn't go wrong. I swear they didn't take a bad picture and just look at those eyes. Smoking.

It's going to be a happy Valentine's day indeed......


***waiting on Adriana to get back to me before I post her pictures***

and Alisa

Thursday, January 15, 2009

5 Minuets for 5 Months Pictures

I never got around to taking his 4 months pictures so I wanted to make sure I got out and took some for his 5th month. He is teething and not really in the mood for pictures but I did get him to cooperate for a few minuets

Pierce has been sitting on his own a tiny bit for a few days now. I have to admit as a photographer I have been eagerly waiting this day. There are only so many pictures you can take of your kid lying on his back.

Isn't the onesie adorable? I'm proud to say I made it myself. But he barely fits into the 3 to 6 month size anymore. He's growning so fast.


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