2009 was an amazing year for me as I was able to explore my long held dream of photography. Before I was quite ready to handle it I had more clients than I could count! How wonderful to finally explore my dream.
I counted and realized I shot over 14 weddings and too many sessions to count. I have grown as a photographer and person and am grateful for the experience.
As amazing as the experience has been it has been effecting the amount of time I have to spend with my family, especially my son. I can either have photography or I can have a life.
So with a happy heart I have closed Elmwood Court Photography and am spending time with my family.
Thank you to all my clients for an amazing year and for letting me be a part of your special moments.
Although I may still be posting sessions they are only for my family and friends and I thank you for your interest but I am no longer accepting clients with no exceptions.
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

For Gabby

Last night I was supposed to be photographing the labor and birth of my friends Jewelyn's baby girl Gabrielle. Instead today I am posting Jewelyn's picture from her maternity shoot we did just two weeks ago.
All I have to post are pictures from her maternity session because Jewelyn died today giving birth to her baby girl.

Yesterday we were texting each other excitingly planning the details of how she would let me know when her labor was really progressing, and when I would arrive at the hospital. How excited we were for her and her husband to meet Gabby. To become a family.

Today I sit here numb. Somehow my brain can't process it. But it is the truth.

Jewelyn is gone and the baby girl that was the subject of our every conversation will never get the chance to know her mother.

And while it may sound strange to you, I sit here grateful.

Grateful that I had the chance to know and love Jewelyn.

Grateful that Gabby is well and will be coming home soon.

Grateful that nine months ago, excited to learn of Jewelyn's long wanted pregnancy, we planned a maternity shoot.

Grateful because now I have these photographs of Jewelyn for Gabby and I can show her.

See you mother Gabby, see how beautiful she is. See how beautiful you two were that day. Your was mother glowing with love and excitement for you.

See how happy she was. See how much she loves you. See how much she wanted you. See how much you look like her.

I want yesterday back. I want to give it to Gabby.
But yesterday can't be had so I have these photos for you Gabby.

They are for you along with my love.

A Paypal account has been set up for Jewelyn's family with the email address 4jewelyn@gmail.com. 100% of the money collected will go to Jewelyn's husband and her daugther Gabby. If you can help in any way. Thank you.


Kasi said...

Wow Amy. So touching.

Kasi said...
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Kasi said...
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Bex said...

Beautiful Amy.

Lena said...

Absolutely beautiful picture Amy!

sherthebear said...

what an awesome tribute and beautiful picture

Brenda said...

Jewelyn looks so beautiful here. <3

Anonymous said...

This is an absolutely gorgeous picture. Gabrielle will love the pictures you took when she is older. You can see the pride, joy, expectation, and excitement in her mother's face.

Evening said...

She was so happy when she got the teaser shots. I know that she would have loved everyone of these pictures. Thank you for sharing this Amy.

mrs.leah.maria said...

I'm so sorry of the loss of your friend. Your photo and tribute are beautiful.

Brad and Sharra said...

Amy- It's a perfect shot.

She looks so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are beautiful! I am sorry for you loss and what a great tribute you wrote to your friend. Through the tears I felt your message and know what a great friend you were to her and she to you. My T&P are with you.

JennB said...

Great post. Love the pic

Angie Eats Peace said...

Thank-you, to the millionth power, for these pictures of her.
I think this one is my favorite, she looks gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I worked with Jewelyn for a while at our local elementary school. My heart goes out to her husband & daughter for this loss. I hope Gabby gets her mother's smiling, wonderful personality.

Linda said...

My daughter was in Jewelyn's kindergarten class when she taught at Stanton. Jewelyn and her love for teaching and her students is the reason that my daughter has a love for learning and just yearns to go to school every day. She was my daughter's mentor. Your photograph and your comments are breathtaking.
Thank you for sharing such a special photo of Jewelyn. She was truly loved and will be missed.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing that Jewelyn had such wonderful pictures taken. This will truly be a blessing for Gabby someday. I worked with Jewelyn in Kindergarten and she was such a wonderful person. We are still trying to wrap our minds around what has happened.

Anonymous said...

Jewelyn was a friend and fellow teacher with me when first started out! I am devestated to hear my friend is gone. Thank you for posting the photo...she was a great person, great friend and will be missed.

Laura said...

I can't tell you how much your support of Phil and Gabrielle during this unexplainable and tragic event means to all of Phil's close friends and family! Thank you for caring. This picture is amazing!

Dave said...

I am so sorry to hear of her passing. I worked at an elementary school with Jewelyn in Hawthorne CA back in 2000. I didnt get to know her that well, but she was always happy and smiling when I saw her. God Bless.


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